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analytics roadmap

HR analytics have become quite familiar in the world of HR as a tool to enhance decision making however, how to do so is often a bit of a mystery. Many HR leaders don’t have a good sense of how to get value from analytics, hence move it off their plate by passing it to the HR reporting team or to some newly hired data scientist.

predictive analytics

Stepping into a new job can be nerve wrecking. Attending a new job and not knowing the overall goals that are expected of you is even worse.

Many companies believe in the ideology of pushing new employees into the deep end and seeing how they turn out. For a small percentage of people, that works. For the much larger percentage, they are lost not knowing what to do because their goals and expectations were not carefully laid out for them.

predictive analytics

With blended technologies of artificial intelligence, machine learning and the right mix and match of a series of statistical algorithms, predictive analytics has become a strong buzz word in HR circles.

‘Wouldn’t it be nice to know with 100 percent certainty how people — who make both rational and irrational choices — will behave in the future?’

Part Time Jobs.png

Professionals who want to work part-time have to do more than renegotiate their working hours. They also have to redesign their jobs to reduce workload. According to research it can be identified that many employers often do not reduce workload when professionals transition to part-time. As a result part-time professionals end up delivering full-time outputs in part-time hours and for a part-time salary.