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HR Trends

With organisations trying to navigate the shifting industry landscape, talent has become a notable concern. Companies are competing to attract the best talent and keep the best employees in an increasingly competitive labor market with widening skill gaps. But as always technology comes to the rescue!

While 2018 took the recruitment process by storm, let’s take a peek at what 2019 has got in store.


There many challenges faced by organisations in today’s corporate environment. Retaining employees has become one of the biggest challenges that organisations try to overcome. There are many reasons as to why people leave organisations or change jobs frequently. Most of these reasons could be caused by lack of skills by colleagues, poor management skills possessed by the senior management and immediate bosses, even self-dissatisfaction and other personal issues.


We are all digital citizens. The lines are blurring between HR and marketing, real estate, communications, and IT. The new objective is to create one employer brand which provides a seamless experience for current employees, potential employees, and consumers.

hSenisbiz Kenya

hSenid Business Solutions, the number one Human Resource Information System (HRIS) provider in Sri Lanka, hosted an evening of “AI Driven Analytics of HR” recently at the Crowne Plaza Nairobi Hotel, Kenya. The presence of Chairpersons, CEOs and HR Directors from leading organisations in Kenya made this event a success with the launch of HRM Enterprise V 8.5.