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Somewhere down the line we all have come across that time when we just don’t feel like doing anything. We know that we have work and that we need to finish it before things get piled up. But something inside just doesn’t let us do anything no matter how hard we try. We find reasons to postpone the work just to have the benefit of taking a break amidst work. It can be a business proposal that’s due or a project that needs planning, that demon of procrastination makes us want to wait until the deadline is just a day away. Then reality kicks in and we realize that we have run out of time. This does happen quite often for some and it’s a habit that is very hard to change. But not impossible. There are few steps that you can take to chase away the demon of procrastination from ever bothering you.

The important milestones of our lives play out very differently in our minds as a pose to the reality. Many would agree that the scenario that we envision in our heads, is never the same in reality. Things go very differently. The nerve wrenchingly exciting moments, the moments that make us a bit hesitant, the moments that bring sorrow and the wonderfully joyous moment all take a much different shape in reality as a pose to what the expectations look like. Think about all the times that you took a gasp of relief when the reality surprised you in a way that all your expectations never imagined.

First Interview

A huge milestone in everyone’s life where it marks the beginning of their professional life.



“The key that unlocks energy is desire. It's also the key to a long and interesting life. If we expect to create any drive, any real force within ourselves, we have to get excited.”

- Earl Nightingale

When you’re at the beginning of your professional life, it is all very exciting. The first interview is nerve wrenchingly exciting and you can’t wait to start working. But once you join your first job there a sure chance that the excitement may fade off within a matter of months or even weeks for some. The transition is a difficult one, especially if you were used to having a different lifestyle before you started work. But things eventually fall into place when you get into a routine. But there may be moments when you might stop mid-work and think of how much your life has changed. Here are some things to do to make you feel comfortable at work.

A good night sleep

Yes I said it… sleep! If you were a night owl that slept when the rest of the world was waking up, it’s time to change. Because you don’t want to be the one dozing off at work, mid-day. Go to sleep at a reasonable hour so that when you wake up you feel well rested and ready for the day. Your will notice a huge difference in you when you’ve gotten the right amount of sleep. Energetic, awake and ready to start work. You will be able to concentrate and do a better job and also be in a better mood.


This is why every organisation must make a valuable investment on a HRIS. A HRIS not only turns your non processed HR activities to automated processes but also saves valuable time and resources for employees and managers. The ultimate benefit of using a HRIS is the reduction of one-third in time taken to process new employees. Moreover there are other various uses of an HRIS. Few of the most important uses are:

Personnel administration and self-services

Rolling out on HR Self services & personnel administration; benefits are abundant as HR department does not have to physically go after employees to do their job. With the use of HRIS, now employees can log in and edit their personal information and can be updated on the system upon supervisors review and confirmation. Furthermore, employees can perform other HR activities.