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employee motivation

The basic motivational tool used by most employers during the past few decades has been monetary benefits and this has been working effectively until the recent years. The dawn of modern technology and globalization has changed employee behaviors and their ideas of motivation. Presently a large percentage of employees consider monetary benefits as secondary and look towards various different aspects for their engagement at the workplace. This is a problem mainly faced by lower level employees. It is observed that many organisations provide good financial benefits for their employees but still witness a low productivity and high turnover. In order to overcome this situation it is effective for employers to consider Maslow’s need hierarchy and provide alternative motivational tools also known as non-monetary motivational techniques. Mentioned below are some effective motivational techniques that could help an organisation:

remote global workforce

Looking back at the way things were 10 years ago, what was normal took a different outlook than what it is today. The working hours to the work atmosphere had more of a systematic structure where a boardroom meeting and an official email was the more conventional and efficient way of doing things. Although things take a different approach now as technology enters into a typical day of work, changing the way things were carried out from communication to work processes. Having a remote global workforce becomes an option for many organisations to consider when it comes to acquiring unique talent to fit the requirements. Although managing them all becomes a matter of knowing the right tools to use at the right time. Here are tips to help you along the way.

Employee Motivation – Summer Edition

As the days get longer and it get warmer and warmer by the day working and getting through a day seems a lot harder. Motivation and performance takes hit as the summer rolls around. Employees try really hard to stay productive but that effort doesn’t seem to be enough as the temperature rises day by day. Temperature not only makes it’s harder to go outside but also makes it harder to concentrate on the tasks at hand. To make sure that summer does not become a performance nightmare, consider implementing the tips mentioned below.


We write this letter with much gratitude and respect for the service that you provide for the organisation’s success. Valuing your presence and dedication. It has been a great pleasure having you onboard and we hope you enjoy your time with us. We hope to have you with us for the many years to come as a part of our organisational family tree. Please take a moment to read this letter, as these are a few things we wanted to let you know.