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terminate the right way

While every job has its pros and cons, the biggest obstacle for anyone in the HR profession would be termination. Letting an employee go is never an easy task, thus creating the need for HR professionals, managers or even small business owners look into the minor details that can make this task a little bit smoother to handle.

While looking at the big picture many tend to lose the minor details that can carry a long way. The pointers given below can be identified as key pointers to consider when going through the termination process.

higher productivity

Hardly the number of hours an employee stays at office reflects the amount of work completed by the individual. This is where the productivity comes in. some may spend longer hours at office than others but still the productivity can be very low. Extra time spent at office is a cost to the organisation and can affect your work life balance too.

It is not a very uncommon sight that an employee could get bored of their work or may be not motivated enough to complete a particular job. There could be many reasons for this and not putting enough effort by the individual could be one of the major reasons as well.

Employer Branding

Throughout the past decades it was observed that the concept of employee engagement has been given a high amount of thought. Organisations tend to identify new ways of increasing employee engagement and satisfaction in order to retain their employees. With the integration of HR and marketing the emergence of ‘Employer Branding’ has made a massive impact on the functioning of organisations across the world.

employee motivation

More often than not we hear people complimenting or complaining about an individual or a team at the workplace regarding tasks assigned to them. When an individual performs well, everyone will appreciate the good work while the failure or inability in performing a task will be condemned or not accepted. What we forget is that we all are human and everyone has their own strengths and weaknesses. Failing to understand this will cause you more harm than an individual who is underperforming.