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No employee likes to face disciplinary actions and at present it can be evident that supervisors and managers dislike taking disciplinary actions at the same time. Unfortunately disciplinary actions play a massive role in maintaining the organisational culture and standards. If both managers and subordinates dislike the involvement of disciplinary actions and the next best alternative would be to promote ‘Self Discipline’ throughout the entire organisation in order to maintain a healthy employer-employee relationship and a smooth functioning entity.

It’s up to the organisation to create a work environment and supervisory interactions that encourage the people you employ to develop and practice self-discipline. The theory behind this would be that the need for supervisory intervention, or discipline imposed externally, is minimized. Supervisors get to spend their time on the fun stuff: encouraging, developing, and relationship-building.

Move away from the silent killer

silent killer

Sounding dramatic as possible, sitting is the new smoking. As we tend to get through our busy lives with the convenience of science and technology, what we do not realise is the limitation of our muscle movement that affects our entire body with time. The average 9 hour working day has been prevailing for a long time where one is stationed all day long with a continuous work load. If so why is it now that one identifies it as the new smoking? We may have gym routines and all type of exercises present in our daily itinerary but still this would not be productive. What’s needed is movement in our muscle from time to time that was interwoven into our lives a decade or two ago: Walk to the post office. Walk down the hall to confer with a coworker. Walk to the market and walk back with the groceries. These days? Not so much. Technology allows us to do almost everything from the comfort of a chair.


The holidays can be a season of excitement, joy and celebration but at the same time can be hectic and strenuous for any organisation no matter what industry they belong to. This period can also be known as one of the most pressurising moments for HR. Juggling with festivities long with time off requests and year end tasks does not sound like the Christmas celebration for anyone. A HRIS may not be the Christmas miracle you are looking for but can be good as one of Santa’s elves.


As industries turn out to be more competitive, succession planning can be utilised as an effective process whereby an organisation ensures that employees are recruited and developed to fill key roles within the company. By which you are able to employ suitable employees, develop their knowledge, skills and abilities and prepare them to take up more challenging roles. These opportunities may arise as advancements or promotions and require the employee to be transferred to different jobs, departments or on-the-job shadowing in order to gain deep exposure needed for the upcoming job role.