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Top 4 HR technology

As businesses grow rapidly in the midst of current dynamic market conditions and also with competition getting intense, organisations struggle and try to find new ways of achieving their business goals and objectives. Simultaneously the rapid technological advancement currently taking place globally has been able to influence most of the areas of business processes. It helps organisations to simplify things and derive better results with their available resources.

As technology improves the human interaction and efforts that is needed for operations eventually goes down. Automated systems handle most of the tasks which were carried out by employees and pave the way for the employees to focus more on strategic aspect of the business than operational.

How to be self

Motivation is what drives us in this world. We will not be doing anything without motivation. It plays a major role at the workplace. One could be motivated many ways at office. The pay, bonuses, incentives and other benefits offered to employees can be identified as some of the ways a person would be motivated to carry on his\her work at the workplace.

Negative Employees

Work place negativity is an unescapable scenario that can occur due to many reasons. It can start with just one employee and then spread across the entire organisation. Soon, everyone in the workplace place gets affected and results are reduced teamwork, productivity and employee morale causing job dissatisfaction.

Nothing affects employee morale more than workplace negativity. In the current highly competitive business environment, organisations cannot afford to get hit by employee negativity. The cost of it is really high and Identifying the root cause and diminishing it is essential for an organisation to be more competitive in the business world.

Cost Saving

It is common that every organisation tends to face a situation of crisis at some point of their lifecycle, requiring them to curtail on organisational expenditure and investments. While most employers find downsizing as a key solution to this problem, it needs to be understood that downsizing comes with many negative consequences not only for employees but employers as well. This includes the human, social and societal after effects of downsizing. While workforce reductions cannot be entirely avoided, it can always be mitigated and needs to be identified as the management tool of last resort. Hence during an economic downturn a firm must carefully consider its options and assess the feasibility and applicability of cost reduction alternatives before deciding on layoffs.