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Find yourself being fussy and negative about work all most all the time? Unable to love your work?

As humans, we do occasionally experience those negative emotions but should not give place by contributing by words or actions. We all want to be known as a trustworthy, credible and lively employee. However, it is not inevitable to feel negative at work so you need to break free and create a different aura. Find a way to get off your lousy negativity and be positive at work.

Here are a few tips to get rid of these negative emotions:

  1. Take good care of yourself- Start with some adequate sleep, exercise regularly and eat nutritious meals.
  2. Ask yourself what you fear of- This is another reason for you to feel negative or frustrated. You need to get rid of this emotion.
  3. Take a break for 10 minutes- Take a walk outside maybe in the neighbourhood or parking lot, which would clear your mind and stop you from losing your temper.
  4. Know what anger or frustration you have, both in your head or body- You cannot really cut off what you feel without exactly knowing why. Spend some time figuring out why you feel angry.
  5. Try to distract yourself from unnecessary thoughts that make you feel negative- Play a computer game or get with your colleagues and spend a few minutes chit chatting but do not get driven away.
  6. 6. Stick to the timelines – This way you will have nothing to worry, you can plan your work, and have less frustration when you are being punctual about the promised work.
  7. Work on your skills until you master them- If you feel inadequate, not ready to face challenges, you need to find a role model or mentor. Read books or take seminars or look up on some videos during your breaks.
  8. Be transparent- Always good to communicate with your boss about any issue you have had or any issue you have encountered during work. This way you will feel relieved and your boss would always be aware of what is coming next.

Martin Seligman did a study on the connection between positivity & performance, and discovered that people who can transform negative thinking into positive thinking, will also be effective to employee’s performance as well. This is why practicing to eliminate/control negative emotions during work is important.