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Meaningful jobs

In this modern era technology have made people more connected, effective and efficient. It is estimated that 120 billion business emails will be sent every day in this year both mobile and desktop applications. In the same time, HR technologies are developing and the different categories of AI-based HR services are coming to the market. 


An exclusive event revolving around the human-tech collaboration, was hosted recently by hSenid Business Solutions for partners and clients operating in the African region at the Crowne Plaza Nairobi Hotel, Kenya. The presence of Chairpersons, CEOs and HR Directors from leading organisations in Kenya made this event a success with the launch of the latest product upgrade.


Making an impactful case to invest into HR technology is not an easy task. With all the options out there, it’s simply not sufficient to just point out the benefits but rather find the key decision makers and have a positive influence on the direction they choose.

Each individual has a different interest and criteria, hence it is best to consider stakeholder interests, the benefits that appeal to them most and the difference the new HR solution will make to their working life easier.

Big Data

The term big data has become more common for the past couple of years in the modern business world and now it has started to take over the HR industry by a storm. Many experts claim that using big data HR has become inevitable.

So what is big data?

Big data is extremely huge volumes of data that is available in both organised and unorganised form. The most important thing is not how much of data an organisation would possess but how they make use of it.