About us

With 22 years of creative innovation and experience hSenid has become one of the leading providers of human resource solutions across Australia, Africa, Bangladesh, India, Middle East, Singapore, and Sri Lanka. Our state of the art HRIS applications that are developed to automate the HR functions and streamline the processes, cater to all HR and payroll needs of the industry from medium to large scale organisations. And our presence among the telecom, finance and enterprise markets have aided us to drill deep and gather the necessary requirements to develop the system in the most comprehensive manner.

Our experience of 10+ years in the Africa & Middle East regions along with our partner network that has enabled us to widen our reach across Mozambique, Tanzania, South Africa, Uganda, Namibia, Nigeria, Rwanda, Senegal, Burundi, Ethiopia, Ghana, Kenya, Sudan, South Sudan, we are able to connect with our clients to serve them better. While we understand the importance of recognising requirements that are unique to each individual customer it has become our main focus to tailor the services we offer according to the client expectations. Our expertise travels beyond HRIS applications as we venture into other areas such as software development, tracking solutions and revenue management over the past years.

We believe in quality, accountability, personal growth and discipline and we focus on giving the best customer service possible which has made us one of the most recognised companies in the industry.

About us

Who we are?

We strive to achieve our vision by being dynamic and benchmarking ourselves against the best in the world. Continuous improvement through creativity and innovation is a way of life at hSenid. Our approach is to nurture and guide our employees to embrace this culture and unleash their potential as we endeavor to be the leaders in our field.

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Braink Features

Holistic and Comprehensive

Our system covers end-to-end HR processes at each and every management level.

Braink Features

Globally Consolidated and Localised Processes

Our processes on the system is localised for over 30 countries.

Braink Features

Global Accessibility

Ability to access the system from anywhere in the world at anytime

Braink Features

Access to the Best Tools and Frameworks

Next generation analytics, mobility and many more tools to make your HR related activities easy

Braink Features

Global Support

Our experienced team of well-trained specialists are available 24/7

Braink Features

Integrated Business Intelligence

Leverages HR data to generate management reports and create real-time personalised dashboard

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