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The holidays can be a season of excitement, joy and celebration but at the same time can be hectic and strenuous for any organisation no matter what industry they belong to. This period can also be known as one of the most pressurising moments for HR. Juggling with festivities long with time off requests and year end tasks does not sound like the Christmas celebration for anyone. A HRIS may not be the Christmas miracle you are looking for but can be good as one of Santa’s elves.

Handling time-off requests.

Time off requests tend to increase around the holidays as employees make plans to celebrate with their loved ones. An HRIS can make it much easier for employees to submit time off requests and for managers to deal with the volume of requests and make timely approvals-or denials. This software helps the decision making authority to obtain a realistic view regarding the approvals. Many HRIS systems include a PTO calendar where employees or managers can see who has already requested or received time off for a given day. The calendar makes it much easier to fit time-off requests into your existing schedule, and managers will have an easier time filling shifts if they can see at a glance who is planning to take vacation.

Calculating the pay.

No employee wants to see an error in their pay slip during the season of buying and celebrating. An HRIS with payroll can be customised to automatically add in bonuses or to calculate time offs or overtime worked. Having these issues worked out in advance can help to make payroll simple though the holidays.

Assist Recruitment needs.

Certain organisations develop the need of temporary recruitment in order to respond to the workload during the holiday season. An effective HRIS can assist this process by analysing the job requirements along with the candidate skills and abilities. Systems can also make the onboarding and training processes faster and easier so that temporary employees are ready to work sooner.

Facilitate commuting.

During holidays, employees may take advantage of flexible work policies to work at home. The HRIS provides these employees the opportunity to record their work being done overcoming the distance barrier. At the same time one can easily clock in and out of the system making it advantageous not only for the employee but also the payroll function of the organisation. Most systems can also identify the IP address from which the employee clocked in so you can identify time punches at different locations.

Enhances the communication process.

Communication is an essential tool at any point but the need to increase its effectiveness becomes key during the holiday season. If employees are taking extended periods off during the holidays, an HRIS with messaging options can help to improve communications between peers and between managers and employees. This can help to mitigate productivity woes and keep projects running in spite of the absence of employees that may have been there at the beginning of projects. This can also help to exchange goals and task among employees and superiors in order to maintain a smooth flow of work.