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terminate the right way

While every job has its pros and cons, the biggest obstacle for anyone in the HR profession would be termination. Letting an employee go is never an easy task, thus creating the need for HR professionals, managers or even small business owners look into the minor details that can make this task a little bit smoother to handle.

While looking at the big picture many tend to lose the minor details that can carry a long way. The pointers given below can be identified as key pointers to consider when going through the termination process.

Get the reasons supported with right documentation.

It all starts with the manager pointing out the reason as to why the employee is being terminated from the organisation. The manager with the help of a HR specialist needs to identify that this reason is not discriminatory in any way. One of the biggest mistakes employers make is failing to properly document the reason for a disciplinary termination. HR managers and the employee’s supervisor should carefully measure the individual’s poor performance or noncompliance against company policies long before the termination discussion. This helps to avoid debates and negative repercussions regarding the termination as the management has solid back up towards the decision made.

The basic conducts of the termination meeting.

The termination meeting is no doubt the most important phase in the termination process. During the meeting, the manager should provide a short explanation for the decision. This is not the time to rehash the employee’s entire employment history nor is this the time for the manager and employee to negotiate extending the working relationship. These meetings should be held in a private area preferably a conference room where other employees cannot see or hear the employee and should take about 10 minutes. Meetings should begin by succinctly communicating the company’s decision and the reason for the decision.

It is important to stick to the message and at the same time provide the employee an opportunity to voice his thoughts as well.

Identify the best period for termination.

It is an accepted fact that everything has its perfect time and same applies to termination as well. While many organisations assume that the end of a day or rather end of a week or month is the ideal time to break the announcement, research has proved it to be wrong. It has been identified that the best time to terminate an employee would be at the beginning of the week as the employee would have time to consider an alternative career option rather being paused due to the weekend.

It is advisable that the company identifies any special considerations that could worsen the situation. For example, it’s recommended that the organisation tries to avoid releasing someone on his or her birthday or a company anniversary date.

Avoid any errors and loose ends.

Termination can be a stressful period for both the employee and management. Even though there are chances for things to be missed out, it is important that the management sorts all payments and documentations regarding the termination before the employee exits the organisation. Errors in these process can prompt the employee to take necessary measures and can also lead to legal actions that can be quite a burden for both parties. Such scenarios can also provide a negative impression regarding the organisation among its stakeholders.

Never think twice to consult a lawyer.

As daunting as this entire process can be it is important that the HR professional handling this termination is aware of the legal aspect towards it. As it is not practical for this individual to be aware of every legal point factor regarding the termination, it is advisable for the organisation to consult a lawyer during this process.

The organisation needs to come into understanding that the legal fees incurred to consult with a lawyer before terminating an employee are minor compared to the cost of litigating a termination that is not handled properly.

No HR professional joins the industry to terminate an employee but it is one of the evils that they need to be prepared for at anytime.