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higher productivity

Hardly the number of hours an employee stays at office reflects the amount of work completed by the individual. This is where the productivity comes in. some may spend longer hours at office than others but still the productivity can be very low. Extra time spent at office is a cost to the organisation and can affect your work life balance too.

It is not a very uncommon sight that an employee could get bored of their work or may be not motivated enough to complete a particular job. There could be many reasons for this and not putting enough effort by the individual could be one of the major reasons as well.

A person cannot stay without working towards the companies goals because end of the day your job depends on the hard work you do and how you have contribute towards the company. It is not only organisations responsibility to keep you motivated and look in to your productivity and efficiency. Each individual in an organisation has a responsibility of working towards set goals by them. A person cannot expect things to change without doing anything.

Below are 3 things you can do to improve your productivity;

1. Know that you are accountable for what you do

You should be well aware that you are accountable for every decision and action you take at the workplace. It is not an assignment you do at college which gives you a 2nd chance to re submit it to pass the exam. A simple wrong decision you make can have a major impact on the whole organisation.

2. Get rid of toxic people

You find these people everywhere, may it be at school, university or office. They are people who sees things negative all the time. While they poison others with full of negativity they never forget to do their work perfect. It is always better to get rid of these kind of people at the workplace.

3. Self-motivation

This is utmost important in the work environment. There could many reasons that may push you back but one must realise the purpose of being at a particular workplace. No matter how many things an organisation may offer without being self-motivated nothing could be achieved.

4. Set goals and objective for your self

Apart from the goals given by the organisation, always have separate set of goals that you want to achieve as an individual. These does not have to be announced but keep it to yourself and achieving your individual goals will eventually help in achieving organisational goals as well.

An organisation is made of many individuals with different talents and capabilities. If you concentrate on others performance and where they go wrong you will end up losing your time to achieve what you want. It is important that you concentrate your work more. Being in a team and working in a team is important but playing your part right in a team is more important to achieve things as a team.