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Employee Motivation – Summer Edition

As the days get longer and it get warmer and warmer by the day working and getting through a day seems a lot harder. Motivation and performance takes hit as the summer rolls around. Employees try really hard to stay productive but that effort doesn’t seem to be enough as the temperature rises day by day. Temperature not only makes it’s harder to go outside but also makes it harder to concentrate on the tasks at hand. To make sure that summer does not become a performance nightmare, consider implementing the tips mentioned below.

Flexible working hours

If your organisation has a strict policy when it comes to working hours, but you have been thinking of implementing flexible hours for a change, this is the perfect chance. Dip your toe in the water with a trial run and there’s no better time than summer. Employees who travel by public transportation will thank you knowing that they can skip the rush hour traffic in the blazing hot weather. This doesn’t apply to every job role but implement it where you can. It’s not limit to just coming in late or leaving early, it can come in different forms. It can be either working a few extra hours to leave early on a Friday or even working from home if that employee is not required to necessarily be at the office to do the job.

Change up the dress code

Summer takes a toll on our bodies more than anything and being in long sleeve shirts or silk blouses all day can become another reason to just not feel like doing anything. The discomfort adds up to that tired feeling that never seems to go away. Ease up the dress code a little so that the employee can switch up from a long sleeve to a short sleeve or from a silk blouse to a sleeveless dress. This can go two ways so give proper instructions of the do’s and don’ts before implementing. A short sleeved shirt if alright but a tank top of even a strappy dress might be pushing it too far. So create boundaries and be clear and description about the change expected.

Encourage time off

There are employees who work very hard and also horde their leave to use later. To those that have a load of leave left over, consider encouraging some time off. That is if there’s no urgent tasks at hand and you can manage work without him/her for a few days. Time off is essential for employees who often tend to work without a break. It’s a good time to reboot and refresh from work that will help increase their productivity and give the much needed relaxing time to spend a few days away from work. Because even work for a long time plus the very uncomfortable weather can make things harder than usual.

Have an outdoor meeting

This seems odd with the heat and all but it will be a change of venue not necessarily standing under the hot sun discussing the next weeks work load. A change of environment can give a fresh perspective and give an energy boost to those that are stuck inside an office space all day. Take the meeting to a coffee shop or have a work lunch to give a bit of a kick to a dull day. It’s the typical way of doing things that dull down the day and add more strain to an already tough time. To keep things interesting add some snacks or cold drinks to the mix to lighten the mood.

Keep tabs on the goals

All this is fun but it’s all to get the employees to complete the allocated work on time to achieve their goals. It matter that they are happy and comfortable to work but it also matters that they are not too comfortable to idle by. Make sure to have a meeting occasionally to remind them of the goals set to achieve for the year and review their performance based on personal goals. Less interrogation and more conversation will help things flow smoothly. Make it an interactive session so they feel involved and give feedback on what you thinks needs improving and appreciate a job well done.

Employees must feel happy and comfortable to work for an organisation. So a few expenses for motivation purposes will not be a waste knowing it will bring in more productivity to the organisation. Before jumping into extreme measures, try out a few simple methods to ease a rough time and things will not feel as hard for you or your employees.