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In the spirit of the month of love, it seemed appropriate to address the relationships that we encounter at work. Now with the Valentine’s hype we often tend to focus more on the couples that we know sneaking around office, giving each other looks when they think no one’s looking. Although in the spirit of the month of celebrating all relationships let’s take a look at relationship that we see around the workplace. We have all met people of different personalities that we tend to create a bond with. Some that we find interesting that we call friends, the selected few that we hang out with and others that are mere acquaintances that we share smiles and hellos as we pass by. A lucky few may even find the one that they want to spend the rest of their lives with and it all becomes a part of the many relationships at work.

The mother to all

This relationship is something that we often encounter in a work environment. A caring figure that takes care of the people around with mother-like affection. They genuinely care and are willing to go the extra mile just to make sure you’re ok. It’s not just one person, many grow to admire this person and values this relationship. She becomes a confidant, a doctor and overall a mature loving figure that resembles a mother.

Flirts – a – lot

An interesting characteristic that often takes us by surprise when they either make a comment that speaks more than it should. These relationships are not ones that we see coming until the moment it happens. A relationship where one person has more interest than the other. They enjoy being a little more interested in than they should be and often go into more detailed conversations that contain a few innuendos than it should.

Strictly work

A relationship based solely on work and work alone. We tend to only make conversation with these personalities when it concerns a work matter. Knowing that they would not want to make small talk about the weather or even want to say how their day has been. They appear and disappear like the wind and it’s all for work reasons and nothing more. A smile on their faces or even joke from them will often leave you surprised than amused.

Close and creepy

These relationships often stay at a distance because we tend to move miles away when they want to make conversation. They often walk in straight to your face and stand an inch away ignoring all our efforts to move away. A conversations feel almost like torture when you know you are breathing in warm air that is the exhales that come mid conversation. We tend to keep conversation and all physical interactions short for good reasons sparing ourselves from the invasion.

The cop friend

Now this sounds like a good thing when you think about it, but these relationships often become a heavy burden when the questions start pouring in. The personalities associated with these relationship often tend enjoy information and lots of it. Oversharing becomes the motto and they are not shy to get all the details out. We are often careful of what we share and steer clear of personal information to avoid the line of interrogation like questions.

The relationships that we make at a workplace often gives us a sense of limits and boundaries of which we would stick to when faced with situations that require help of any sort. Would you call the flirty ones or the friendly one or none of the above? Although off the bat they look like they are quite the work to maintain, they become effortless once they become a normal part of the day. And in a way they make the memories interesting when you look back.